…from a colour suffered: relief from mourning/Noé Bermejo/From April 30 to June 10, 2015

apr 2015 - jun 2015

Tasneem Gallery and El Palomar present … a suffered color: relief of mourning, the second solo exhibition of Noé Bermejo in Barcelona. Born in León,…

Gulala/Opium Poppy/Ixone Sádaba/From December 13, 2014 to March 27, 2015

dec 2014 - mar 2015

Tasneem Gallery is pleased to be working with Ixone Sádaba, one of the most compelling of contemporary Spanish artists. The gallery will present a solo…

LATE SUMMER EXIBITION(A collective of work by Gallery Artists)/From 9 September to 15 October, 2014

sep 2014 - oct 2014

Participating artists Ablade Glover, Robert Go, Luis Gómez, Wiz Kudowor, Ernesto Leal, Htein Lin, Jazz Pasay, Yoichi Tanabe and José Vera Matos

Portraits of Denial & Desire, Photographic narrative of Palestinian refugees/John Halaka/25 July to 19 August 2014

jul 2014 - aug 2014

Thursday 24 July, private reception and presentation by the artist at Tasneem Gallery, kindly hosted by the UNU-GCM (United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture…

TRACES by Ian Teh

mar 2014 - may 2014

Traces: Landscapes in transition on the Yellow River Basin Few rivers have captured the soul of a nation more deeply than the Yellow River in…

Margin of Error

nov 2013 - feb 2014

A proyect by Declinación Magnética for Tasneem Gallery, Barcelona (in collaboration with Matadero Madrid) The DM Group Magnetic declination is the angle between compass north (the…

El Fragmento Eliminado

apr 2013 - jun 2013

Tasneem Gallery is pleased to invite you to the exhibition El Fragmento Eliminado of works by the artists Ernesto Leal (Havana, 1971) and Htein Lin…

Transmission Part 2

nov 2012 - mar 2013

Tasneem Gallery is delighted to present Transmissions Part 2, showing new works by two of Africa’s most celebrated artists, Wiz Kudowor and Ablade Glover. This exhibition continues the exploration of artists and artistic ideas from this region that was started in the solo exhibition by Pape Seydi Samba, Transmissions Part 1 held in the gallery in 2010. Both Kudowor and Glover live and work in Accra and their work is essentially African, revealing subtleties and viewpoints that are often unknown and unappreciated outside of this region. Their work breaks preconceptions and reveal hidden truths that are most heartfelt.

Jules Verne´s Room

jun 2012 - sep 2012

The incredible accuracy with which Jules Verne was able to be ahead of his time and the mathematical precision with which he predicted great advances…

Time waits for no Man or Machine

mar 2012 - may 2012

Tasneem Gallery presents the second solo exhibition of Yoichi Tanabe. The presentation exhibits the latest works of the artist who chooses the landscape as a…