Time waits for no Man or Machine

06 Mar 2012 > 08 May 2012
artist(s): Yoichi Tanabe

Tasneem Gallery presents the second solo exhibition of Yoichi Tanabe.

The presentation exhibits the latest works of the artist who chooses the landscape as a centrepoint for reflection. Through his technical skill and the combination of different methods, Tanabe expresses his fascination for the passage of time, using memories of industrial scenes, places of transit, the nature and the presence of the human figure.

The exhibition introduces a new stage in his production where the glance from the distance and the loss of the rigorous detail shows his constant search for different forms of representation.

About the artist

Yoichi Tanabe is a well-known and respected artist who has exhibited his work in different international events such as the VI and VII editions of the Florence Biennial and the parallel program of the First Industrial Ural Biennial of Contemporary Art organized by the National Center of Contemporary Art of Ekaterinburg, Russia, in September 2010.

More recently he was finalist of the 12th edition of the Painting Prize Ricard Camí, Barcelona 2011.