El Placer es más importante que la Victoria

nov 2011 - jan 2012

Collective exhibition of Contemporary Peruvian Art, curated by Miguel A. LópezCollective exhibition of Contemporary Peruvian Art, curated by Miguel A. López

Non Site

apr 2011 - jun 2011

Tasneem Gallery presents Non Site the first solo show in Barcelona by the Cuban artist Luis Gómez. Taking as its starting point the concept of…


feb 2011 - apr 2011

The significance of language whether spoken or written is a subject which throughout history has engaged many artists, philosophers and psychologists. Its evolution is ever…

Transmissions Part 1

nov 2010 - jan 2011

One of the leading visual artists of Senegal, Pape Seydi Samba holds up a mirror to Africa, in whose reflection we see ourselves. This fascinating…

I See You

jul 2010 - nov 2010

Through three different moments: paintings of Ghanaian landscape by Ablade Glover, the photography exhibition Homefront on Sri Lanka by Robert Go and the analysis of…

Creation-Procreation and The Loss of Innocence

may 2010 - jun 2010

With the participation of the artists: Godfried Donkor, Wiz Kudowor, Nalini Malini, Eugenio Merino, Joan Miró, Jazz Pasay, Anthony Pilley and Wu Xiaohai. is a…


oct 2009 - nov 2009

Collective exhibition with  Yoichi Tanabe, Chelsea Davine, Wiz Kudowor, Kate Abena Badoe, Boaz Zippor. A collaboration between l’Associació de Galeristes Independents d’Art de Catalunya (GIC), (art)…

Antipersonnel 1:1

feb 2010 - mar 2010

Antipersonnel 1:1 uses a documentary approach to identify and archive, the various types of anti-personnel and submunitions that still exist around the world today. Raphaël…

Missing Asia – Observing Europe

nov 2009 - jan 2010

As part of a new initiative, Tasneem Gallery offers us a testimony, a journey to the subjectivity of the Burmese artist Htein Lin. It is…

Sketches of Belo, seven weeks in an African village

sep 2009 - oct 2009

On 16 September Tasneem Gallery launched the new book SKETCHES OF BELO, seven weeks in an African Village by artist Anthony Pilley. This fascinating book…