Creation-Procreation and The Loss of Innocence

06 May 2010 > 30 Jun 2010

With the participation of the artists: Godfried Donkor, Wiz Kudowor, Nalini Malini, Eugenio Merino, Joan Miró, Jazz Pasay, Anthony Pilley and Wu Xiaohai.

is a loaded term. In the book of Genesis, a concept we call God creates our very existence,…in our current world as people and ancient nations try to make sense of their lives, Bob Marley wails “ in this great future you can’t forget your past…so dry your tears I say”. Each generation creates its myths and realities. As children we are told stories of incredible creativeness only to discover as we grow older that they were perhaps just fairy stories. As adults we respond to yet more stories. Cavafy writes “And now what shall become of us without any barbarians/ Those people were some kind of solution”. Yet humans ability to create something out of nothing, art if you will, rather than just procreate is argued by some, to perhaps be our one redeeming quality.

With these eight artists the Tasneem Gallery curatorial team explores the many facets of the notion that is creation. It does not offer high conceptualization with co-current esoteric marginalization of the viewer. Rather it attempts to engage us by at one level responding to our ideals of creation whilst at the same time leaving us with a disquieting feeling of questioning that idea. But all within the framework of an aesthetic ideal and emotional effect.