UNWITTINGLY/Luis Gómez/8 de Julio al 30 de Septiembre, 2016

08 Jul 2016 > 30 Sep 2016
artist(s): Luis Gómez

Unwittingly is the third solo exhibition of artist Luis Gómez in Tasneem Gallery, which opens on July 8 after his participation in Cuba. Tattooing History in the PAC Milano. Unwittingly will remain in the Gallery until 30 September 2016. The proposal´s parting point is intervened documentations, fictionalized characters and events to discuss and explore the success formulas that are created within the system of production and dissemination of art in the current Cuban context, which are perfectly extendable to the art world in general.

The exhibition is composed of three pieces. The installation Miserere: is a kind of recipe for contemporary art that could be disclosed through various means. Better artists never talk is a work formed by two versions: one allows you to send, via SMS, images that may be random or taken from app crackers mixed with the same title, the second is an intervention to a televised documentary on the first major exhibition of Op Art at MOMA made by the journalist Mike Wallace for his programme of the 60´s “I’m New York”. In this material only the visitors to the exhibition are interviewed, but never the artists.

Speak in tongue is a first part of the series La rivoluzione siamo noi which was presented at the 56th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. This is a series of paintings with scenes from American soap operas, very distant from the Cuban reality, with a television aspect ratio of 16:9. These works were designed by the artist to send a group of fake newsletters, simulating his participation in an exhibition in countries of little interest for Cubans institutions and artists. This fictional exhibition was not considered a successful event in this context and the action taken intended to reflect how insidious is our centrist and hegemonic unconscious.


About the artist

Luis Gómez( Havana, 1968) is a graduate of the High Institute of Art in Havana (ISA), currently he is head of Chair of New Media Lab in the ISA.His work has been exhibited at the PAC Milano, the USF Contemporary Art Museum,Tampa, USA, Armory Art Center, Miami, FL, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, in the 49 and 56 Esposizione Internazionale D´ARTE, Venice Biennale, Italy, in the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New York, USA, at the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany, at the Barbican Center, London, UK, in Art Basel and Maastricht and the Havana Biennial. He has participated in several Art Residences from institutions like the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, the Europe University of Madrid in Spain and The Ohio State University, Ohio, USA and the ASU Arizona State University.

His work is in many different collections including the Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany, the Arizona State University Art Museum, USA, the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, Ohio, USA, the NINART, Mexico City, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, the Van Reekum Museum Apeldoorn, Holland, El Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, Track Sixteen Gallery and the Wakita Museum of Art, Japan.