Margarita Checa

Is one of Latin America’s most important sculptors. An intensely lyrical and mystical artist, she works with wood taken from the trees of her native Peru and inlays them with materials such as bronze, silver and bull horn. Seeing Margarita at work in her studio in the outskirts of Lima one feels the deep connection and inspiration that she draws from her homeland but the beautiful, evocative human figures that she creates carry a universal message. With titles such as Energy, the Beginning of Chaos and the Sound of Life, her work touches the very essence of the human experience. Timeless yet very much a voice of the 21st century.

Margarita work spans more than three decades and she has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions in Latin America and the United States. Tasneem Gallery is pleased to represent her in Europe.


Margarita Checa, Endless River, 2010
Endless River
2010, Olive, cachimbo colorado and chihuahuaco wood, 218 x 91 x 54 cm
Margarita Checa, Doors of perception, 2006
Doors of perception
2006, Bronze inlaid with marble, Edit 5/6
Margarita Checa, Logos, 2008
2008, Olive wood inlaid in yacushapana and olive wood, 204 x 86 x 70 cm
Margarita Checa, The Skin of the Sky, 2009
The Skin of the Sky
2009, Bronze , 81 x 26 x 48 cm