Kate Abena Badoe

Currently lives in Vancouver but is originally from Ghana. Her images combine African art with geometry to create a complexity of patterns, yet with a simple image to convey the harmonious link between cultures. Badoe creates ink drawings that utilize geometry, pattern, form and traditional African art in contemporary ways.

She draws inspiration from African image making in particular carved masks and presentational combs. Badoe’s mastery of technique required for these fine line drawings is indisputable. But what makes her work really special is how her drawings have a harmony and rhythm that make current the ancient practices and objects of her heritage. In this way she brings us close to the essence of her inspiration.


Kate Abena Badoe, From the Royal Household1, 2006
From the Royal Household1
2006, Ink drawing, 30 x 30 cm
Kate Abena Badoe, Displayed Combs, 2001
Displayed Combs
2001, Ink drawing, 28 x 28 cm